Turn your Cameras into the Ultimate Assistant Manager

Gritsee’s AI platform provides vital, reliable, and actionable intelligence for optimal restaurant performance

Gritsee is trusted by major brands franchisees around the world

Get Unparalleled Operations Data & Insights Without Invasive Changes

Gritsee plugs into your existing camera system and works on Day One

in refund savings

Take the guesswork out of customer refunds and be armed with the data you need to challenge disputes

Decrease in Kitchen Errors

Identify and eliminate recurring errors with actionable data

 ½ +
Star Increase in 1 Month

Better ratings = better in-app placement. Gritsee helps restaurants score better and improve customer visibility

Gritsee gives deep insights into the categories that matter most

  • Quality of service and end product

  • Staff productivity and speed of service 

  • Cleanliness and standard compliance

  • Root causes of refunds & complaints

  • Additional KPIs identified by your business

  • Performance across all of your locations

- $13.56
Missing milkshake
1 ⭐️
Brown & overcooked chicken
2 ⭐️
Long wait time, cold food
- $20.12
Wrong burger sent

Gain Insight Into your Operations from anywhere

By using AI Powered Reports, you can better understand and optimize your work capacity to improve your bottom line.

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